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Crane outrigger pads are mainly used to pad under the outriggers of construction machinery and play a supporting role. With high strength and rigidity, the large-tonnage crane outrigger backing plate can reduce the deformation of the backing plate body when subjected to force, and provide stable support for construction machinery.

The crane outrigger pads can be used normally in harsh environments, and it is better to bend without breaking when overloaded. The hand rope is made of nylon material, and the crane outrigger pad has various specifications and can also be customized. The end of the hand rope is embedded in the pad body for easy carrying and arrangement.

What are the more significant advantages of polyethylene construction machinery outrigger pads?

1. Non-absorbent, long-term exposure to the sun will not swell and deform

2. Strong impact strength

3. In the case of overload, rather bend and continue

4. No adhesion, easy to clean

5. Chemical and corrosion resistant

6. Normal use in extremely harsh environments, with a temperature resistance of 80 degrees above zero and 169 degrees below zero

7. It is lighter in weight than steel plate and easy to operate by one person

8. It will not break due to corrosion, which is much safer than wooden backing boards

9 No maintenance required

10. Environmental protection, no pollution to the environment, manufacturers can recycle





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