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4x8 Ground Protection Mats Grass Protection Mats


HDPE Protector Mat 2440 X 1220 X12.5mm

Polyethylene skid plates ground mats Smooth, wet floors are a significant hazard area. Some surfaces such as tile and laminate tend to become very slippery when wet. Accidents that occur due to misplaced feet.

Installing non-slip mats on the ground is a great option, especially in wet environments. Safety floor mats are an ideal and affordable solution to protect your work area from moisture hazards while keeping you and your guests safe. A large part of this safety lies in the materials used to make the non-slip floor and the surface texture. It enhances traction and inhibits moisture at the same time. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, every type of floor can be used for polyethylene skid plates.

The main feature of polyethylene skid plates ground mats is that they increase safety in wet areas. Can be applied in commercial locations such as restaurant kitchens, hazardous areas where many liquids are seen entering the floor. Without any safety protection, workers risk slipping and injuring themselves. Not only that, but slip and fall accidents can cause serious problems. Many venue owners choose polyethylene skid plates as a form of protection. Take every precaution to reduce the cost of costly litigation and increase the safety of your customers and employees by using polyethylene skid plates.





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