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Ramp Mats Beach Mats Mud Mats Sea Mats Track Mats for emergency construction and repair refer to a lightweight and high-strength composite pad for rapid construction of temporary roads when earthquakes, snow disasters and other emergencies occur. When it is born, it can be quickly assembled under harsh site conditions such as silt, swamp, and soft clay to form a sidewalk that can be opened to traffic. Quickly transport materials and personnel. At the same time, the pad can be reused many times without damaging the site environment.

Pavement pads Ramp Mats Beach Mats Mud Mats Sea Mats Track Mats for emergency construction and repair have the characteristics of high specific strength, specific stiffness, good fatigue resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

Application fields of rush construction and rush repair pavement pads Ramp Mats Beach Mats Mud Mats Sea Mats Track Mats :

1. Military applications

It can be used for the army to quickly open positions, temporary passages, venues, heliports, and quickly repair various damaged venues to meet the requirements of rapid maneuvering in combat and logistics support.

2. Disaster relief

During emergency rescue and disaster relief, roads and venues can be quickly opened to facilitate the rapid transfer of materials and personnel, and win valuable rescue time. It can also be used as a working platform for medical rescue, heavy machinery, tents, etc.

3. Petroleum, natural gas, coal mine engineering

Assembling into construction sites and temporary roads for oil, natural gas and coal mine projects can greatly reduce initial construction costs and improve operational efficiency.

4. Large-scale infrastructure construction

It can be used for large-scale infrastructure construction to open temporary roads and build working platforms.

5. Utilities and Power Industry

When it is necessary to replace transformers, upgrade transmission lines, and erect transmission towers or utility poles, the backing plate can provide a temporary working platform and site access, and the construction cost can be greatly reduced without damaging the natural site environment.

6. Deserts and tidal flats

Whether it is in the vast desert or the beach, the pad can be quickly assembled into a load-bearing and passable workplace, temporary access roads, etc.





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