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Antistatic UHMWPE Coal Bunker Liner Silo Liner

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"Super wear-resistant high molecular polyethylene flame retardant coal bunker lining board self-lubricating coal bunker lining board" detailed introduction

One kind of coal bunker lining board is that the wet coal powder is first bonded on the bunker wall, and the layers are superimposed together.

Finally, a shape similar to a mouse hole is formed in the warehouse, and then charging coal will cause the warehouse to be blocked;

Another coal bunker liner is due to the large internal frictional resistance between wet coal powder blocks, and the large external frictional resistance between it and the silo wall.

When the coal bunker is full of coal, the coal outlet of the lower conical section forms an arched shape (commonly known as a bridge) similar to being stuck and rusted.

Only a very small part of the coal can be put down when the gate is opened, and the upper part of the coal is blocked due to arching.

Coal bunkers for coal storage in coal mines, power plants and wharfs in my country are basically made of concrete.

Its surface is not smooth, the coefficient of friction is large, and the water absorption is high, which are the main reasons for often bonding and blocking.

Especially in the case of soft coal mining, more pulverized coal and high moisture content, the blockage accident is particularly serious.

After a lot of research and experiments, it was finally decided to use ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene board as the lining of the coal bunker.

The self-lubricating and non-stick properties of UHMWPE are used to reduce the coefficient of friction and solve the phenomenon of silo blocking.

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