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Antistatic UHMWPE Sheet

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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene plate has become a common application in the wear-resistant plate industry, and its ultra-high cost performance has been widely recognized by a wide range of users, so it is used in the information environment of various polymer wear-resistant plates.

It can be designed according to the assembly and connection structure and can be customized according to the user's request, which is easy to install and maintain, such as the installation of hoppers and chutes with very difficult operation conditions in mines, and the application of feeding hoppers in the metallurgical industry. This problem, to achieve safe and efficient production, UHMWPE sheet use: can be widely used in mines, coal preparation plants, metallurgical industry, power plants, shipbuilding and other sectors of the liquid and solid.

Funnels, troughs, transport flaps for solid-liquid mixtures, slides for scraper conveyors, vibrating screens, flotation machine linings, freight liners, block linings, trucks, dump truck linings, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant applications , have common advantages. We will also improve the performance of polymer wear plates from time to time in an effort to make them more widely used. Users who have applications of polyethylene sheets may know.

Do a good job in the surface treatment of the filler for its application requirements. In order to further promote users' understanding of it, we describe its related contents as follows: Coupling agent treatment Coupling agent is also called surface treatment agent, which is a kind of inorganic material. A small molecule organic compound that improves the compatibility with organic materials or different organic materials through chemical and physical effects.

UHMWPE sheet




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