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Are polyethylene cutting boards toxic?

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PE vegetable board is made of low-density polyethylene resin raw material (edible plastic PE). The traditional vegetable boards used in our Chinese families are wooden. Everyone believes that wooden vegetable board is natural, non-toxic and harmless. It is an environmentally friendly and healthy vegetable board. However, wooden kitchen board also has its disadvantages. Wooden kitchen board is not only bulky, but also prone to cracks and dirt. In particular, it is wet after washing, which is not easy to be boring, and has become an important place for breeding bacteria. Therefore, all kinds of plastic kitchen boards have been launched on the market, and PE kitchen board is one of them.

High molecular weight polyethylene chopping board, vegetable chopping board, high molecular weight polyethylene chopping board, anvil pier, vegetable chopping board, meat chopping board, meat cutting machine chopping board, various food machinery chopping boards and panels. This product is refined from food grade PE polyethylene resin raw materials, with high impact strength, especially at low temperature. The whole body of the product is smooth, the appearance is like wax, and it is translucent.

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