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Boron-containing Polyethylene Shield is a new type of anti-neutron nuclear radiation shielding material developed by our company, which has been widely used in nuclear power, medical, national defense and other industries. In boron-containing polyethylene sheets, boron can play a very good role in absorbing, and the reaction cross-section of boron to neutrons is relatively large. shielding effect.

Boron-containing Polyethylene Shield can effectively prevent the harm caused by nuclear radiation and neutron radiation to individuals and society. In addition to anti-radiation, boron-containing polyethylene board also has the following excellent properties:

A. Extremely high wear resistance: Due to its unique molecular structure, the wear resistance is higher than that of ordinary metal plastic products, 6.6 times that of carbon steel, 5.5 times that of stainless steel, 27.3 times that of brass, and 6 times that of nylon. 5 times that of PTFE.

B. Non-stick: The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material itself has a special non-stick, so it is not compatible with common substances, so it is not easy to stick to scale.

C. Small coefficient of friction: due to its waxy substance, it has good self-lubrication, small flow resistance and energy saving.

D. Excellent chemical resistance: It can resist almost all acid, alkali and salt media except strong oxidants such as concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid.

E. Good impact resistance: even at low temperature, it is subjected to strong fracture.

F. Electrical insulation: It has good electrical insulation and extremely high insulation resistance.

G. Other properties: good toughness, fatigue resistance, no exudate, operating temperature -70℃ to 90℃

Boron-containing Polyethylene Shield are mainly used for product tanks in major nuclear power plants, nuclear reactors, PetroChina, military industry, research laboratories, hospitals and nuclear experiments;

Research fields such as neutron beam collimator, neutron trap, control rod material and nuclear shielding material of nuclear reactor. As a shielding material for neutrons, rays, radiation shielding absorption.

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