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Boron-containing polyethylene board

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The boron-containing polyethylene sheet has good engineering properties, good dimensional stability, and satisfactory gamma radiation resistance. The operating temperature is 80~100 °C, and its shielding thermal neutron, fast neutron and gamma radiation performance is obviously better than polyethylene. , Research shows that boron-containing polyethylene board can effectively prevent the harm caused by nuclear radiation and neutron radiation to individuals and society.

Lead-boron polyethylene is widely used in the petroleum industry.

First, it can be used as a cushion block for oil pipelines. Its super load-bearing capacity and superior anti-aging properties.

2. It can be used as the cover of the radioactive source library, because it has a shielding effect on radioactive substances such as neutrons and y-rays.

3. Backing plate and support block of drilling platform

Fourth, laboratory, hospital walls, etc.

Boron-containing polyethylene board




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