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Boron polyethylene sheet/lead boron polyethylene sheet


Boron-containing polyethylene is an efficient anti-neutron shielding material, has good catalytic activity, is less corrosive to equipment, and will not cause environmental pollution.

Boron-containing polyethylene is made by uniformly stirring boron carbide powder and lead powder in ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene material through high-speed stirring, kneading, plasticizing and hot pressing. Boron is a micro-alloying element, which has the effect of absorbing neutrons. Polyethylene is a hydrocarbon with high hydrogen content, which has a good moderating effect on fast neutrons.

Compared with traditional metal and concrete, boron-containing polyethylene composite material has the characteristics of low density, good attenuation curve, convenient use, low cost and good processing performance. Polyethylene resin has high content of H element and good radiation resistance. Neutron radiation can be effectively used in neutron and gamma mixed radiation fields to meet the needs of radiation occasions with different energy levels.

Application areas:

Boron-containing polyethylene sheet has good processing performance, neutron ray shielding performance, radiation resistance and aging resistance. , research laboratories, hospitals and nuclear reactor control rod materials and nuclear shielding materials and other research fields.

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