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HDPE is high density polyethylene, high density polyethylene (High Density Polyethylene, referred to as "HDPE"), is a high crystallinity, non-polar thermoplastic resin. The appearance of the original HDPE is milky white, and it is translucent to a certain extent in the thin section. PE has excellent resistance to most household and industrial chemicals.

HDPE is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic resin. High-density polyethylene is non-toxic, tasteless and odorless white particles with a melting point of about 130°C and a relative density of 0.941~0.960. It has good heat resistance and cold resistance, good chemical stability, high rigidity and toughness, and good mechanical strength. Dielectric properties and resistance to environmental stress cracking are also good. The melting temperature is 120~160℃. For materials with larger molecules, the recommended melting temperature range is between 200 and 250 °C





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