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Application fields of radiation shielding materials: boron-containing polyethylene has good processing performance, neutron ray shielding performance, radiation resistance and aging resistance. The products are successfully used in nuclear power plant spent fuel grids, nuclear power ships, and nuclear reactor neutron radiation , CNPC, the military, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, research laboratories, hospitals and nuclear reactor control rod materials and nuclear shielding materials and other research fields. It is also the best material for shielding neutrons, rays, and radiation shielding absorption.

Boron-containing radiation protection polyethylene board company can be customized according to your needs,

The company's standard boron content ranges from 2% to 50%, which can be customized according to customer use and needs. Boron carbide, boron trioxide, borax, boric acid, lead powder, lithium carbonate, etc. can be added to it. Size and thickness The company's design department has a specific splicing plan, and the radiation shielding performance will not be damaged after splicing.





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