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Color HDPE Plate HDPE Sheet for Playground Equipment / Hdpe Sandwich Board For Outdoor Playground 19mm


Polyethylene two-color plate has small friction coefficient, wear-resistant, self-lubricating, non-absorbent, non-adhesive material, high impact resistance, good comprehensive mechanical properties, acid, alkali, salt corrosion resistance, no aging, low temperature resistance, hygienic, light weight , the specific gravity is 1/8 of steel is all the advantages of molecular weight polyethylene board! The molecular weight polyethylene board replaces the traditional wood, steel and iron board, and the polyethylene board reduces the equipment load, increases the output, directly reduces the cost, increases the economic benefit of the enterprise, and wins the praise of the users.

1. Crystalline material has low moisture absorption and does not need to be fully dried. Its fluidity and fluidity are sensitive to pressure. High pressure injection should be used during molding. The material temperature is uniform, the filling speed is fast, and the pressure is sufficient. , the internal stress increases. Pay attention to the selection of the gate position to prevent shrinkage and deformation.

2. The shrinkage range and shrinkage value are large, the directionality is obvious, and it is easy to deform and warp. The cooling speed should be slow, and the mold is equipped with a cold material cavity and a cooling system.

3. The heating time should not be too long, otherwise decomposition and burns will occur.

4. When the soft plastic parts have shallow side grooves, they can be forcibly demolded.

5. Melt rupture may occur, and should not be contacted with organic solvents to prevent cracking.





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