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Construction Muddy Road Temporary Ground Protection Mats


Engineering construction paving slabs / ground protection mats / non-slip pressure ground protection mats regular factory

ground protection mats are processed and produced by composite new engineering plastic environmental protection polyethylene material, which has the characteristics of anti-skid, compression resistance, low temperature resistance, high temperature resistance, chemical corrosion resistance, UV resistance, moisture resistance, no water absorption, shock absorption, noise absorption, environmental protection, insulation and other characteristics.

ground protection mats ensure that the workplace can be used in inclement weather and a variety of terrains. A board to protect the ground for vehicles and mechanical equipment on the construction site or the ground in the field, muddy and soft ground, and terrain that cannot work normally. Even on normal roads, to prevent the extrusion of vehicles and mechanical equipment from causing serious damage to the road, the role of paving slabs has beneficial uses for the protection of the road surface and the protection of public properties.

ground protection mats advantages:

Prevent damage - protect vehicles and heavy equipment on lawns and other surfaces;

Save time - no time wasted by stuck vehicles or equipment;

Save money - replace slippery, heavy, wet, rotten, shredded plywood, our grounding pads are reusable;

To prevent injury - light weight, easy to lift;

Longer life - UV protection, the material will never rot;

Easy Loading - Easy loading and unloading with unique towing design;

Customization - Custom colors and logos are available.

ground protection mats application:

Suitable for use in temporary road paving slabs, mechanical paving slabs, engineered paving slabs, airports, parking lots, landscaping and conservation heritage or ecological reserves, sports and leisure activities, oil drilling industries, etc.

temporary road mats construction site





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