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Heavy duty road mats that provide temporary road and work area access for heavy plant, machinery and vehicular traffic. Each pad can be attached in either orientation for maximum flexibility and coverage. This material is made of composite high-density polyethylene, which has high hardness, toughness, high load-bearing capacity, and is still flexible in use.

It can provide the load of the vehicle and protect the ground at the same time, it can form the shape of the land on the ground and prevent it from sinking on the surface of the muddy swamp. Normally, ground preparation is not necessary before paving road mats. Especially important in power and HV transmission environments. Chemically inert, does not react with acids, bases or solvents. Non-absorbent and will not add weight in wet applications or storage.

Temporary ground road mats are made of advanced technical material - HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). Construction pavement mats are suitable for heavy goods vehicles with a maximum load of 150 tons. Construction road mats are suitable for outdoor events, event parking lots, Towpaths and more.

Ground protection mats application:

heavy road


Work and Staging Areas


golf course

Outdoor activity





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