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Two-color board three-color board skin texture board manufacturer Engineering plastic two-color board Polymer two-color board Polyethylene two-color board Polyethylene two-color board Engineering plastic two-color board

Product material: polyethylene PE

Production process: extrusion, high temperature and high pressure secondary molding

Product Specifications: Customized according to drawings

Product advantages:

1. Anti-ultraviolet, with a service life of at least 8 years outdoors.

2. Durability;

3. Low maintenance cost, use a simple pressure cleaning device to clean the surface, and use its non-stick

Sex hardly adheres to dust.

4. Cost saving, saving manpower and material costs in the long run;

5. Colors can be ordered and produced according to your needs.

Two-color board/three-color board/dermabrasion board: Product introduction---HDPE board is an environmentally friendly plastic board, which can be completely recycled. In today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, everyone has the responsibility to protect our Earth. Do your little bit by following recyclable products.





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