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Frequently asked questions about the outrigger pads of the pump truck

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Recently, there are always people inquiring about the outrigger pads, the price, shape, features, materials, etc. of the outrigger pads, all kinds of problems

Q1: What is the material of the outrigger pads?

Editor: The outrigger pads we produce are all made of UHMWPE material, which is lighter than steel. More durable than wood.

Q2: What is the specific model of the outrigger pad?

Editor: The common models of outrigger pads are 500*500*50 and 600*600*60 (unit: mm). In addition, the outrigger pads are also divided into two types with grooves and without grooves, which can be customized according to your own needs. choose.

Q3: Why is the price of the outrigger pads more expensive than those of other manufacturers?

Editor: As the saying goes, "you get what you get for every penny". When the price of a product is higher than that of other products, it must be a good place for other products. In addition, we use HDPE material. High quality and good quality, we are the only listening-only manufacturer of Sany Heavy Industry and Zhongke-Zhonglian.

Q4: What are the main features of the outrigger pads compared to other products?

Editor: The main features of the outrigger pad are that it is wear-resistant, resistant to high and low temperatures, and can still be used normally in harsh environments with low temperatures. Lightweight, with a carry cord around the edge, it is easy to carry and carry.

Q5: What happens if the outrigger pads are not used during engineering work?

Editor: If the outrigger pad is not used, it will cause a certain loss to the ground, and at the same time, if there is no stable supporting force, it will affect the engineering and construction safety.

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