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Using composite mats eliminates the common problems found with wood mats, such as rot, infestation, warping and board breakage, lasting far longer than the best wood mats. Composite pads don't absorb liquids, so they stay hot and strong and load-bearing in the wettest weather.

Temporary paving pads ground protection mats are durable, durable and easy to maintain. Will not shatter under intense pressure, the compounded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) provides excellent flexibility to adapt to ground conditions without rupturing.

Composite High Density Paving Mat Temporary roadway

Strong, flexible paving pads ground mats

High molecular polyethylene paving boards are 100% recyclable

Conforms to the ground and avoids damage to the surface

Low risk of theft

Chemically inert for thorough cleaning

Rugged one-piece construction

Unique diamond-shaped traction surface

Rugged work areas and temporary roads for heavy plants, equipment and vehicles

Prevents severe rutting and ecological damage to ground and sensitive sites

Support health and safety goals

Reversible low profile for drilling rigs, workbenches, warehouse areas and helipads

Connection options for different terrains and equipment

Non-conductive - suitable for transmission projects

Sometimes tough work surfaces require tough pavement solutions, creating a range of super strong, strong and reliable composite high density paving pads.

Supporting extreme loads of up to 150 tons, we can help protect the surface you're working on for even the heaviest plants and equipment.

Easy-to-use and inexpensive to lay, our floor protection solutions are cost-effective and provide a successful return on investment.





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