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Ground Protection Mats Scout 48 X 96 Inches / PE Temporary Road Mats


1. Detailed introduction of ground protection mats :

Polyethylene paving pad performance: light weight, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, good toughness, not easy to be brittle, not easy to delaminate and very strong.

2. The composition of ground protection mats :

Whether manufactured from 100% high density (HDPE) or ultra-high molecular weight (UHMW) polyethylene,

Recyclable, at the end of its life "provides enormous environmental benefits".

No contaminant leaching.

sturdy construction

Reduce the risk of damage to forklifts or machinery

Reduce the site-to-site threat of cross-contamination.

Non-conductive, making it ideal for power transmission projects.

Composite paving mats are the ideal solution for a wide range of applications including temporary roads, work sheets, warehouse storage areas or pedestrian walkways, and provide critical protection such as sports fields, golf courses, parklands and landscaped areas. The composite paving mat is an inert solid that avoids leaching of possible contaminants and is non-conductive, making it ideal for use in power transmission projects.





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