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The role of the temporary road mats is to pave the road. When it rains, there may be muddy or loose soil on the road, especially in the construction industry or when paving. Once there is a lot of rain, construction will often increase. In this case, the road substrate will come in handy. On these muddy roads, some road substrates can be laid, which greatly facilitates the construction of the industry. Light weight, easy to handle, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, impact-resistant, good toughness, shock absorption, moisture-proof and other excellent properties, easy to lay, long life, can be used repeatedly, is a good product for green environmental protection, is a short-term and long-term project Ideal material for construction sites.

The traditional construction site uses one-time poured pavement, which has the disadvantages of wasting resources and polluting the environment.

Temporary pavement panels ground protection mats can be reused for the laying and reuse of pavement panels, which effectively solves the above problems. It has the advantages of long service life, reduced construction waste discharge, energy saving and environmental protection.

The temporary road mats provides a reusable temporary road slab, which can realize the function of a temporary road, meet the needs of frequent changes in the location of the temporary road, and shorten the construction time of the temporary road, improve the construction efficiency and reduce the construction cost.





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