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The highly Ground Protection Mats mainly provides safe and firm construction pavement for construction owners' projects, and is used in temporary road civil construction, power transmission, renewable energy, infrastructure, industry and other unstable basic work and leisure activities. It has corrosion resistance, has certain toughness and elasticity, rather bending and continuous, will never crack and delaminate, will not cause air pollution to the atmosphere, can be recycled, and can withstand harsh use environments, anti-ultraviolet, indoor and No risk of fading and aging for outdoor use. Increasing the tread pattern can attach more force to the ground and increase the anti-skid performance of the board, help the vehicle or equipment to disperse the load-bearing force and reduce the side slip when working, and at the same time use it on the slope to ensure the safety in the entire project construction. Instead of other The material of temporary road mats. Reflective markings allow for safe use in night conditions.

Application fields of ground protection mats:

Construction site civil engineering and foundation work

①Pedestrian bridge

②Emergency passage

③Temporary road and parking lot

④Maintenance of public spaces and infrastructure

⑤ Landscaping and conservation of heritage or ecological reserves

⑥Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields

⑦ Sports and leisure activities

⑧ Drilling engineering

⑨ Oil drilling industry

⑩ Swamp, wet and muddy ground conditions, etc. some emergency construction sites

Features of Ground Protection Mats:

It is much lighter than a steel plate and easy to transport and install. The rib pattern on both sides prevents slipping even on soft ground and rough roads.

Because it is made of polyethylene, it has excellent cold resistance. About 60 tons load capacity. Because it is made of resin, it does not have the strength of an iron plate.

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