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Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fender veneer   low temperature impact resistant HMWPE fender

What is UHMWPE fender veneer?

The ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene fender has light weight, impact resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, aging resistance, small friction coefficient, and can effectively prevent UV radiation. Its impact strength is 20 times that of polyvinyl chloride, 10 times that of nylon 66, and 8 times that of polytetrafluoroethylene. Low reaction force, small surface pressure, reasonable energy absorption; strong adaptability to constant and pitching when the ship is berthing; easy installation and maintenance.

Ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) properties:

Abrasion resistance

Compared with other engineering plastics, the mortar abrasion index of UHMWPE is only 1/5 of PA66, and 1/10 of HEPE and PVC; compared with metal, it is carbon steel. 1/7 of , and 1/27 of brass. Such a high wear resistance makes it difficult to test its wear resistance by the general plastic wear test method, so a mortar wear test device is specially designed. The abrasion resistance of UHMWPE is proportional to the molecular weight. The higher the molecular weight, the better the abrasion resistance.

impact resistance

The impact strength of UHMWPE ranks among the best among all engineering plastics. The impact strength of UHMWPE is about 2 times that of impact-resistant PC, 5 times that of ABS, and more than 10 times that of POM and PBTP. The impact resistance is so high that it is difficult to break it by the usual impact test method. The impact strength increases with the increase of the molecular weight, reaches the maximum value when the molecular weight is 1.5 million, and then gradually decreases with the increase of the molecular weight. It is worth pointing out that it can also maintain excellent impact strength in liquid nitrogen (-195 ° C), which is not found in other plastics. In addition, it has a higher hardness on the re-impact surface.


UHMWPE has a very low friction coefficient (0.05 to 0.11), so it has excellent self-lubricating properties. The kinetic friction factor of UHMWPE is 1/2 of PA66 and POM under water lubrication, second only to polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) under non-lubricated conditions; when it works in sliding or rotating form, it is higher than steel and brass plus The lubricity after lubricating oil is even better. Therefore, in the field of tribology, UHMWPE is known as a very ideal friction material in terms of cost/performance.

1) Impact energy absorption

UHMWPE has excellent impact energy absorption, and its impact energy absorption value ranks among the best among all plastics, so it has good noise damping performance and excellent sound clipping effect.

2) Low temperature resistance

UHMWPE has excellent low temperature resistance and is still ductile at liquid helium temperature (-269 °C), so it can be used as low temperature resistant components in the nuclear industry.

3) Hygienic and non-toxic

UHMWPE is hygienic and non-toxic, and can be used in contact with food and medicine.

4) Not sticky

The surface adsorption capacity of UHMWPE is very weak, and its anti-adhesion ability is second only to PTFE, so the surface of the product is not easy to adhere to other materials.

5) Low water absorption

UHMWPE water absorption is very low; generally less than 0.01%, only 1% of PA66, so it is generally not necessary to dry before molding.

6) Tensile strength

Because UHMWPE has the necessary structural characteristics towards the tensile orientation, some have ultra-high tensile strength, so fibers with ultra-high elastic modulus and strength can be obtained by gel spinning method, and the tensile strength is as high as 3-3.5GPa , The tensile modulus of elasticity is as high as 100 ~ 125GPa; the specific fiber strength is the forefront of all fibers that have been commercialized so far, 4 times larger than carbon fiber, 10 times larger than steel wire, and 50% larger than aramid fiber.

7) Aging resistance

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMW-PE) has good aging resistance, longer service time and cost saving





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