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HDPE sheet for children's playground

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High-density polyethylene sheet is an environmentally friendly plastic sheet, which is completely recyclable. In today's increasingly serious environmental pollution, everyone has the responsibility to protect our earth. Do your Weibo by following recyclable products. HDPE board is different from other materials, it is resistant to corrosion, splitting, embrittlement, expansion, and at the same time, it is resistant to termites, and has a longer service life compared to other plastic materials. Its performance does not change even when installed outdoors or even in harsher weather conditions. HDPE sheet has very low water absorption and resists the production of mold and fungus.

Outdoor areas: outdoor playground equipment, sports venues, buildings with carved designs, indoor house furniture, play equipment, decorative elements, models

Product advantages:

1. Anti-ultraviolet, the service life in outdoor environment is at least 8 years.

2. Durability;

3. Low maintenance cost, use a simple pressure cleaning device to clean the surface, and use its non-stickiness to hardly stick to dust.

4. Cost savings, saving manpower and material costs in the long run;

5. Colors can be ordered according to your needs

HDPE sheet for play ground




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