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UHMWPE is a new type of engineering plastic with excellent properties such as wear resistance, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, low temperature resistance, self-lubrication and small friction coefficient. It has been used to make water machine shaft sleeves and anti-wear plates. Under the same working conditions, its life is 1-2 times longer than that of stainless steel parts, and its high impact resistance is difficult to withstand regardless of strong external impact or internal pressure fluctuations. Make it crack, especially in the low temperature environment, its impact strength reaches the highest value instead, many materials will crack, break, break or surface stress fatigue in the impact of severe or repeated explosions, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene is subjected to Izod impact test Achieving no damage, it is worth pointing out that it also maintains excellent impact strength at a liquid nitrogen temperature of -296 degrees. The impact strength increases with the increase of molecular weight at first, reaches the maximum value at about 2.5 million molecular weight, and then gradually decreases with the increase of molecular weight. It is easy to open into a shear band under the action of pressure, which can absorb a large amount of impact energy. It can still maintain a certain toughness at -196 degrees.

UHMWPE sheet's unique performance advantages will also have broad application prospects in many fields such as textile, papermaking, packaging, transportation, machinery, chemical industry, mining, petroleum, agriculture, construction, electrical, food, medical, sports and refrigeration. . The processing technology and product quality of UHMWPE have made a qualitative leap, which will undoubtedly play a great role in promoting the development of UHMWPE.





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