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The outrigger pad is a plate that is placed under the outrigger. It is generally used for supporting under the outrigger of cranes, pump trucks, hoisting machinery vehicles, etc. Support to ensure the safety of the work vehicle.

The structure of the outrigger pad: the outrigger pad is composed of a plate-shaped pad body and a hand rope. The plate-shaped backing plate body is made of UHMW ultra-high molecular polyethylene material, and the hand rope is made of nylon, which is strong and durable.

Outrigger pad specifications and load-bearing conditions:

Large: 1000*1000*80mm 1500*1500*100mm (80 tons and above can be used)

Medium size: 1000*1000*60mm 1000*1000*50mm (40t-80t use)

Small: 800*800*60mm 600*600*60mm 500*500*50mm (used under 40 tons)

Outrigger pad color:

Red, blue, green, yellow, black and other colors can be customized.

Advantages of crane outrigger pads:

- work in sub-zero temperatures

-Easy to install, replace

- Reduce downtime.

- Reduce maintenance costs.



- Cost effective compared to steel or aluminium

- Compared with other wooden mats, it is safer to use in the field.





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