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High Quality Solid Plastic Polypropylene PP Plate Sheet for Plating Tank

PP board, also known as polypropylene (PP) board, is a semi crystalline material. It is harder and has a higher melting point than PE, and is commonly used for welding.

Characteristics and uses:

PP extruded sheet has the characteristics of light weight, uniform thickness, smooth and flat surface, good heat resistance, high mechanical strength, excellent chemical stability and electrical insulation, and non toxicity. PP board is widely used in fields such as chemical containers, machinery, electronics, electrical appliances, food packaging, medicine, decoration, and water treatment. The practical temperature of PP board can reach 100 degrees.

Application scope:

Acid and alkali resistant equipment, electroplating equipment, solar photovoltaic equipment, environmental protection equipment, wastewater and exhaust gas discharge equipment, washing towers, dust-free rooms, semiconductor factories and related industrial equipment, are also the preferred materials for manufacturing plastic water tanks. Among them, PP thick plates are widely used in stamping plates, punching machine pads, etc.

1. Advertising billboards;

2. Recycling boxes, including reusable recycling boxes for various industries, vegetable and fruit packaging boxes, storage boxes, and stationery boxes;

3. Industrial boards, including outer packaging protection for wires and cables, outer packaging protection for glass, steel plates, various items, pads, shelves, partitions, bottom plates, etc;

4. Protective boards, using cardboard and three plywood to protect building materials in construction, are a thing of the past. With the progress of the times and the improvement of taste, to ensure the integrity of decoration design before completion and use, appropriate protection should be given to maintain the economy, safety, and convenience of operations. In addition, protection should be provided before the acceptance of building elevators and floors.

5. Protection of the electronic industry. Conductive packaging products are mainly used in the packaging of electronic components such as IC wafers, IC packaging, testing, TFT-LCD, optoelectronics, etc. The purpose is to avoid contact with other charged items, which may cause spark damage to the parts due to charge friction. In addition, there are conductive and anti-static plastic sheets, turnover boxes, and so on.

PP board can be used not only for the above-mentioned products, but also for packaging of washing machine backboards, refrigerator insulation layers, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, sugar and alcohol, etc. Hollow board production lines can also be used to produce PE hollow boards to supply insulation room partitions required for urban construction and rural areas.

High Quality Solid Plastic Polypropylene PP Plate Sheet (1)High Quality Solid Plastic Polypropylene PP Plate Sheet (5)3mm To 20mm Thickness White Polypropylene PP Board Plastic Sheet (1)





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