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How do outrigger pads replace sleepers

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Polymer synthetic base plate is a new type of material. It is a material to replace the old generation of wood base plate and steel base plate. It is made of high molecular polyethylene and special components.

Before using the outrigger pad, the wooden sleeper was easy to be crushed. The polyethylene outrigger pad has good toughness, and even a large tonnage will not break it. And the weight is much lighter than the old-fashioned backing plate, which is easy to carry. It is a good choice for car accessories. Products are generally divided into

The following specifications:

1: Double sided flat belt lifting rope.

2: One side flat with anti slip pattern and lifting rope.

3: Double sided smooth belt with anti slip pattern and lifting rope.

4. Round groove anti-skid belt lifting rope. Normal model is positive

Square shape can also be customized to various special shapes such as round hexagon.

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