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Introduction of crane jack outrigger pads

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The outrigger backing plate has high degree and rigidity, which can reduce the deformation of the backing plate body when the force is applied, and provide a stable supporting force for the construction machinery. Greatly save the cost of use and improve the quality of work.

The outrigger pad is composed of a plate-shaped pad body and a hand rope. The plate-shaped backing plate body is made of UHMW/HDPE polymer synthetic material or MC nylon. The four-corner support of the PE polymer composite material backing plate is 60mm and the pressure is more than 15-18 tons/cm. It can be used normally in harsh environments, and it can be bent without breaking. The hand rope is made of nylon material, and the end of the hand rope is embedded in the body of the backing plate for easy carrying and arrangement. The outrigger pads pressed by MC nylon have a higher bearing capacity, which can reach more than 30-45 tons/cm.

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