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Japanese Wear-resistant Paving Slabs / Ground Protection Mats


Double anti-flame retardant ground protection mats features:

1. Light weight, one-seventh of the weight of steel plates of the same specification, easy to operate and low transportation cost;

2. Wear resistance, wear resistance ranks first in plastics, and has a long service life;

3. Energy absorption and noise absorption, not as noisy as steel plates, affecting work

4. Anti-skid effect, anti-skid pattern design is anti-skid and shock absorption, which can prevent the tire from sliding and ensure the safety of vehicle traffic;

5. Good stability, strong toughness, long-term use will not break, not easy to deform;

6. Anti-aging, long-term use in bad environment, lowering;

7. Environmental protection and no pollution, it is a kind of green environmental protection material, which can be recycled;

8. Self-recovery, even if it is temporarily deformed, it will recover very quickly;

9. Sufficient supply, available for rent and sale;

10. It can work normally without being affected by the temperature and humidity of the external environment

Application fields of double-resistant flame retardant ground protection mats :

Double-resistant flame-retardant paving boards can be used in various industries such as construction, highways, railways, ports, airports, water conservancy and hydropower, mining, urban sanitation construction, petroleum, navigation, agriculture, road transportation, post and telecommunications industries.

Application areas of Japanese Wear-resistant Paving Slabs / Ground Protection Mats:

1. Construction, civil engineering and foundation work

2. Pedestrian bridge

3. Emergency channel

4. Temporary roads and parking lots

5. Maintenance of utilities and infrastructure

6. Landscaping and conservation of heritage or ecologically sensitive areas

7. Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields

8. Sports and leisure activities Drilling engineering

9. Muddy ground in garbage dump

10. Paving slabs for temporary use in oil fields

11. Road mats for airports

12. For urban construction (dust-proof and crush-proof ground)

13. Moisture-proof pad for breeding plant

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