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Temporary paving pads ground protection mats are durable, durable and easy to maintain. Will not shatter under intense pressure, the compounded high-density polyethylene (HDPE) provides excellent flexibility to adapt to ground conditions without rupturing.

Signature Building Mats eliminate the spread of parasites, chemicals, mold, debris, and are easy to clean. Treated wood mats degrade rapidly when exposed to the elements. Composite paving mats contain anti-ultraviolet UV additives; not only does sun exposure change the color of wood mats in a short period of time, the cycle of absorbing rainwater and drying also accelerates decomposition. Rainwater and chemical spills can also smooth the surface of wooden mats, which can be dangerous to workers and equipment.

These properties allow composite paving mats to last several times longer than wood-based boards, making them more cost-effective in the long run. A quality product also preserves one of the most precious resources on earth, making paving mats an unrivaled combination.

Maximum ROI

Since paving mats are reusable, there are significant cost savings, consider a paving mat vs wood mat cost comparison:

Highest installation efficiency

Composite paving pads ground mats are used to align and configure various layouts. Paving mats are easily attached on all four sides and will not drift or come apart like traditional wooden mats.

Maximum shipping efficiency, which greatly reduces costs and the potential for delays compared to the non-standard shipping methods typically required to ship large products.

The composite paving pad has zero water absorption, will not be deformed, heavy, and lose strength due to moisture; there will be no potential safety hazards (debris, loose, damaged boards, etc.), will not rot or be eaten by termites, and can be integrated and linked together. to prevent theft





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