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Lead boron polyethylene shielding medical door


Radiation-proof lead-boron door material / lead-boron polyethylene shielding medical door customization

Lead-boron polyethylene board is a new type of composite material made of high-temperature molding process, high-speed stirring, kneading, plasticizing, enhancing the bonding force between boron carbide B4C and UHMWPE, and then high temperature and high pressure.

Lead-boron polyethylene has almost no shielding effect on gamma rays, so in the mixed radiation field of neutrons and gamma rays, lead-boron polyethylene composite materials are usually selected, which have better neutron shielding. It also has a certain shielding ability against gamma rays.

Application range of lead boron polyethylene :

1, nuclear power plant wall panels. The effect of preventing neutron radiation and nuclear radiation has proved that it can completely replace imported products.

2, it can be used as the cover plate of the radioactive source library, because it has an effect on radioactive substances such as neutrons and gamma rays.

3. Backing plates, support blocks, etc. of drilling platforms and radiation protection in nuclear engineering construction

The boron element in the lead-boron polyethylene board can shield the neutron radiation, and the hydrogen element can attenuate the neutron, which helps the boron to absorb the thermalized neutron more easily. It is mainly used in the fields of industrial three wastes, petroleum shielding cover, medical protective door, protective wall and equipment accessories, nuclear fuel shielding material and Chinese Academy of Sciences. It can be customized to add boron carbide, borax, boron trioxide and lead powder. The content of 3%-40% can be customized for production. For the actual case of boron-containing polyethylene board, please inquire!





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