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Manufacturers Polyethylene Scraper Wholesale


The role of polyethylene scraper: the conveyor that transports bulk materials in the tank is called scraper conveyor. In the current coal mining face, the function of the scraper conveyor is not only to transport coal and materials, but also the running track of the shearer.

Features of polyethylene scraper :

1. The damage rate of the conveyed materials is reduced.

2. Self-lubrication: smooth surface without roughness;

3. Impact resistance: good impact resistance without damage

4. Corrosion resistance: can resist the corrosion of phosphoric acid, alkali, salt, etc.

5. Non-adhesion: small surface tension, not easy to scale;

6. The polyethylene scraper has good wear resistance, reduces running resistance and energy consumption. Protect the scraper case.

7. The running noise of the scraper conveyor is low.

8. Low temperature resistance, it can still work normally under extremely cold conditions.

Just send a drawing or provide an an unused part for a prompt quote on price and delivery.  This is a sample conveyor flight only.  Please draw in any changes that make your flight different than this sample or that might be needed to produce your parts.  Virgin UHMW, Reprocessed UHMW, anti static, glass filled, and oil filled UHMW plastic available.  If possible please include a sample of an unused part with the order.





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