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PE1000 Liner / Uhmwpe Liner Sheet Abrasion Resistance Insulation White Poly Plastic Sheet


Polyethylene Conveyor Wear-Resistant Liner Polymer Wear-resistant Liner

Product specifications: outer diameter φ 200-1500mm thickness 5mm-20mm length 1000-2500mm

It can be customized production within this range, and the straight edge part above the semicircle can also be customized production

Product color: Multi-color can be produced, mainly white and black

Personal customization: two-color bending plate (hint the lining plate is thinner to protect the equipment)

Self-lubricating and non-absorbent --- Destroy the molecular chain formed by water absorption, eliminate the bonding, and the material is naturally smooth.

High wear resistance and impact resistance --- Add a variety of modifiers to maintain the original characteristics and improve the practicality.

Impact resistance---The impact resistance reaches 150KJ/㎡ without breaking.

Excellent environmental stress cracking performance, 200 times that of ordinary polyethylene.

Excellent low temperature resistance, no embrittlement even at 176°C.

The main advantages are as follows:

1. The surface contact between the wear-resistant plate and the conveyor belt can effectively prevent the damage to the conveyor belt.

2. The uniform force of the conveyor belt during loading greatly reduces the maintenance and repair required.

3. Effectively eliminate material splashing and leakage caused by non-uniform force on the conveyor belt.

4. Reduce downtime to a minimum, thereby effectively improving production efficiency.

5. The best product to replace the buffer idler.





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