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PP Board Cutting Rubber Board Cutting Board Shoe Factory 50mm Thick


1.PP cutting board has complete specifications, the maximum width is 1.5 meters, the length is not limited, and the thickness is 20mm, 25mm, 50mm. It has the characteristics of strong toughness and good hardness, and customers can choose the appropriate cutting board according to their different materials.

usual format:

500 x 1000 x 25/50mm  600 x 1200 x 25/50mm  900 x 450 x 25/50mm

500 x 1200 x 25/50mm  600 x 1370 x 25/50mm  900 x 1600 x 25/50mm

500 x 1500 x 25/50mm  600 x 1520 x 25/50mm

500 x 1600 x 25/50mm  600 x 1600 x 25/50mm

Thickness tolerance 25mm +/- 0.8mm Thickness tolerance 50mm +/- 1.0mm Length tolerance +/- 2.0mm

Other specifications can be produced and cut according to customer needs.

2. Properties:

The hardness and toughness of the PP cutting sheet required for cutting different materials are also different. Customers can choose PP cutting sheets with different hardness and toughness according to their needs. The parameters are as follows:

PP Cutting sheet test method unit red green white white

Hardness Shore DISO 868---747678

Notched impact strength ISO 179mJ/mm215159

Bending elastic coefficient ISO 527-1N/mm29509001300

3. Color:

In order to distinguish the different hardness and toughness of the PP cutting sheet, combined with the customer's habit of using the sheet and the different properties of the pieces to be cut, color is used to distinguish different types of PP cutting sheets, mainly red, white and green.

Red: Strong toughness but moderate hardness. Suitable for all kinds of leather, soft pieces, PU cloth, PVC cloth;

Green: The toughness and hardness are slightly higher. Suitable for leather, fiber leather materials, paper, cardboard, nylon cloth, PU cloth, PVC cloth;

White: The highest hardness. Suitable for textiles, felts, knitwear, foamed plastics, leather, midsole cardboard and other soft materials.

Fourth, the use of PP cutting sheet precautions

Correct use of the PP cutting sheet during the cutting process can prolong the service life of the cutting rubber sheet, reduce the burr of the cutting piece, and reduce the production cost.

Cutting machine 

1. The cutting machine should be maintained and adjusted regularly.

2. The pressure plate on the working table of the cutting machine is kept balanced, and the four columns are adjusted evenly.

3. The movable bottom plate under the cutting board workbench should be kept flat, and if it is deformed or bent, it should be replaced in time.





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