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High wear-resistant chain guides are divided into four types: transmission chain guides, conveyor chain guides, traction chain guides and special special chain guides according to different uses and functions.

1. Transmission chain chain guide: The chain guide of the chain mainly used to transmit power.

2. Conveying chain guide rail: The chain guide rail of the chain mainly used for conveying materials.

3. Traction chain guides: chain guides mainly used for pulling and lifting chains.

4. Special special chain guide rail: It is mainly used for the chain guide rail of the chain with special function and structure on the special mechanical device.

According to its raw materials, it can be divided into: polyethylene guide rail, ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene chain guide rail, high temperature resistant PTFE chain guide rail, nylon guide rail.

Chain guide is also called chain support, chain support, plastic guide and lining, pad and friction strip. Its transmission principle is: it can greatly reduce the hard friction between the conveyor belt and the frame, effectively Extend the life of the conveyor belt. It is widely used in chain conveying equipment to support and guide the chain to prevent the chain from falling off and jamming during long-distance conveying.





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