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Plastic track mats grass protection ground mats

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Plastic track mats grass protection ground mats

HDPE Ground Mat thickness::10mm-20mm, Customizable
HDPE Ground Mat Material::HDPE / UHMWPE
HDPE Ground Mat Packing:Pallet Packing

The plastic PE ground protection mats boards produced by our company are made of new composite PE materials. The material is a high-performance engineering plastic. The material has a low density and is easy to disassemble and assemble. It has good toughness, load-bearing and strong resilience, and can rebound after deformation. It is resistant to oil, hydrolysis and corrosion. It can be reused for hundreds of times.

Performance advantages of anti-skid ground protection mats:

(1) Light weight, can be lifted at will;

(2) Will not rust and rot, easy to clean;

(3) Can bear the weight of more than 60 tons;

(4) Easy to recycle, environmentally friendly products

(5) low price;

(6) No hidden damage to construction personnel and vehicles;

(7) Repeated use, the service life is up to 10 years!

The weight of the ground protection mats produced by our company is only 1/8 of the same volume of steel plates, which can be easily moved by two people; the bearing capacity is up to 280 tons, and it will not break when overloaded; the service life is more than 10 years, and the company can recycle; the product quality is excellent Guarantee, good after-sales service!

Plastic track mats grass protection ground mats

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