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Name: Playboard HDPE Playground Sheet Board

Sample size: 5CM*7CM Thickness: 15mm/16mm

Sample color: green purple red or check the specific inventory (please communicate)

Sample surface: double-sided dermabrasion (please check the picture)

Note: One sample is free, and the same ID is limited to 2 pieces at a time. Buying a single sample, the freight is borne by the buyer, which can be paid in advance or on delivery! This product only supports paypal transactions!

Bulk order available:

Thickness: 3-25mm

Width: Maximum width 1.3m Regular size: 1220mm*2440mm

Color: Can be customized (multi-color options are available, or inform the specific color card number to match)

Note: bulk prices vary according to color, order quantity, and processing requirements

Playboard HDPE Playground Sheet Board

1. High chemical, corrosion resistance, non-toxic.

2. Easy to process and cut.

3. Excellent low temperature resistance.

4. Low density and good toughness.

5. Excellent wear resistance.

6. Low friction coefficient

7. Self-lubricating





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