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Polyethylene outrigger pads

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【Product Features】

Outrigger pads are mainly used to pad under the outriggers of construction machinery and play a supporting role. The outrigger pad has high strength and rigidity, which can reduce the deformation of the pad body when subjected to force, and provide a more stable support force for construction machinery. Greatly saves the cost of use and improves the quality of work.

[Product name] Crane outrigger pads, pump trucks, crane outrigger pads

[Product Specifications] Products other than stocking can be customized

【Product material】modified PE/UPE plastic

[stocking details] 450*450 500*500 550*550 600*600

[Load-bearing range] 4 tons - 300 tons

[Product Features] It adopts fine raw materials, imported additives and self-developed formulas, and polyethylene outrigger pads for comprehensive modification. High toughness, high strength, single-piece pressure 40T does not break, good resilience after repeated use.

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