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Over the years, in order to solve the problem of bonding and blocking the warehouse, people have also thought of many methods, such as tiling tiles on the warehouse wall, laying steel plates, hitting with air cannons or electric hammers, all of which can be solved, and artificially smashing the coal bunker often causes damage. Personal injury accident.

Performance principle of UPolymer granary lining board supplier:

After a lot of research and experiments, it was decided to use UHMWPE sheet as the inner lining of the coal bunker, using the self-lubrication and non-stickiness of UHMWPE sheet to reduce the friction coefficient and solve the phenomenon of blocking the bunker.

Polymer granary lining board supplier installation method:

The lining plate is fixed on the silo wall by welding bolts on the steel silo wall, thus solving the problem of coal bunker sticking and blocking. Generally, it is not necessary to cover the whole warehouse, as long as the lower conical section of the coal bunker and the upper round bunker are lined with about two-thirds of the silo, the blockage caused by the rat hole and the arch can be solved.





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