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Polypropylene 30mm 50mm PP Cutting Board

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Polypropylene 30mm 50mm PP Cutting Board

Polypropylene 30mm 50mm PP Cutting Board

Regular Size:

800*400*25/50mm;  900*400*25/50mm;  900*450*25/50mm;  1000*500*25/50mm;  1600*500*25/50mm;  1600*600*25/50mm;  1600*700*25/50mm; 1600*800*25/50mm;  1600*900*25/50mm and so on.

Business items:

Cutting rubber board, cutting board, punch board, rubber board, chopping board, cutting bed board, beer machine board, plastic board, shoe material board, PP rubber board, PE board, blanking board, shoe machine rubber board , plastic boards, planing board services, recycling waste plastic boards.

PP Cutting Board Features:

1. High hardness, strong impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, and can be used on both sides

Made of polymer composite materials, it has long service life and high temperature resistance. The pressure resistance and good dimensional stability are higher than those of similar products.

2. Good toughness, strong rebound, low specific gravity, super wear-resistant, and stable quality

The best cutting effect is achieved by taking advantage of its high hardness, strong impact resistance, strong corrosion resistance, good toughness, strong rebound, low specific gravity, and super wear resistance. It can continuously withstand repeated pressure. On average, each single side can Use more than 30 days.

3. Wide application range, green and environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable

After the surface of the cutting board is worn many times, you can use a planer to smooth the damaged surface and reuse it multiple times. This saves costs for customers, is economical and environmentally friendly, and can also be recycled.

4. Good cutting quality and customer satisfaction

Since the cutting board has a hard and balanced texture, the cutting knife pressure can be evenly distributed on every point of the cut piece, which can solve the problem of burrs and make every piece produced perfect.

5. Extend the life of cutting machines and cutters

Because the cutting pressure is evenly applied, the service life of the cutting machine can be extended. The product's unique and excellent properties include moderate hardness, which protects the cutter from damage during cutting and reduces costs for customers.

6. Complete product specifications, rich colors, sufficient supply, and considerate service

Various specifications are always in stock. Special colors and specifications can be customized as required. The colors are rich, including white, beige, red, green, etc. The width is within 150CM and the length is not limited. It is an ideal backing plate for your company's cutting machine.

PP Plastic Board Cutting Board Chopping Board

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