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Product advantages of crane outrigger pads

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The supporting leg base plate of the crane is made of HDPE ultra-high molecular polyethylene, which has the characteristics of strong pressure resistance, no corrosion, no fracture, light weight, easy to carry, medium cost and recyclability. It can be used normally in harsh environment, and it is better to bend without breaking in case of overload. The portable rope is made of nylon, and the end of the portable rope is embedded in the base plate body to facilitate transportation and arrangement.

Specification of crane outrigger base plate:

500 * 500 * 50 / 60 / 70 / 80600 * 600 * 50 / 60 / 70 / 80800 * 800 * 50 / 60 / 70 / 80 and other common specifications, as well as other specifications, sizes, colors, thickness, anti-skid lines, anti-skid grooves and logos can be processed and produced according to customers' needs.

Advantages of crane outrigger pad:

1. Light weight, 1 / 7 steel weight

2. High bearing capacity, 2-300 tons.

3. Low water absorption, not affected by humidity and can work normally.

4. Chemical stability, no corrosion, decay, delamination and fracture.

5. Aging resistance, service life up to 50 years.

6. Can withstand a compressible load of more than 1000000 pounds

7. It does not need any maintenance and is easy to clean.

8. Green, environment-friendly, hygienic, recyclable and recyclable.

Application of crane outrigger base plate:

It is mainly used in the base plate under the crane, pump truck, crane, fire truck and other large engineering vehicles and large mechanical equipment.

The following precautions shall be taken during the operation of crane outrigger base plate:

1. Firstly, select the base plate with appropriate specification, contact area and grounding position according to the vehicle weight to prevent the outrigger from sinking during operation.

2. Before releasing the outrigger, pay attention to hang the parking brake and pull out the outrigger fixing pin.

3. Engineering vehicles should not be erected too high, and it is usually better for the tires to leave the ground a little.

4. Pay attention to observation when erecting the outrigger to make the slewing bearing datum level and make the inclination of the slewing bearing surface no more than 1 / 1000 when there is no load (the leveling plate is centered).

5. If there is an engine on the crane, after the outrigger is placed, turn off the engine and put the power take-off in the neutral position.

6. After placing the outrigger, the grounding condition of the vertical outrigger shall be checked again. There shall be no three fulcrum phenomenon to ensure that the outrigger support is safe enough.

7. During lifting operation, do not pull the handle of outrigger control valve. If the outrigger needs to be adjusted, the heavy object must be placed on the ground, and the jib must be located in the front or rear of the lower part before adjustment.

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