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T88 UHMWPE 1000 Granary Wear-resistant Liner / Trough Wear-resistant Liner


Wear plate application field and application industry: Wear plate

T88 UHMWPE 1000 Granary Wear-resistant Liner / Trough Wear-resistant Liner

1) Thermal power plants: medium-speed coal mill barrel lining, fan impeller socket, dust collector inlet flue, ash slag duct, bucket turbine lining, separator connecting pipe, coal crusher lining, coal hopper and crushing Machine lining plate, burner burner, coal drop hopper and funnel lining plate, air preheater support tile, separator guide vane.

2) Coal yard: feeding chute and hopper lining, hopper lining, fan blade, pusher bottom plate, cyclone dust collector, coke guide lining plate, ball mill lining, drill bit stabilizer, screw feeder bell and base seat, kneader bucket lining, ring feeder, dump truck floor. The operating environment of the coal yard is harsh, and there are certain requirements for wear resistance, corrosion resistance and wear resistance.

3) Cement plant: chute lining, end bushing, cyclone dust collector, separator blades and guide vanes, fan blades and inner lining, recycling bucket lining, screw conveyor bottom plate, piping components, frit cooling pan Lining, trough lining. These parts also need to have better wear resistance and corrosion resistance

4) Loading machinery: unloading mill chain plate, hopper lining plate, grab blade plate, automatic dump truck tipper plate, dump truck body. This requires wear plates with extremely high wear resistance and hardness

5) Mining machinery: mineral material, stone crusher liner, blade, conveyor liner, baffle. Such components require extremely high wear resistance

6) Construction machinery: tooth plate of cement pusher, concrete mixing building, lining plate of mixer, lining plate of dust collector, mould plate of brick making machine.

7) Construction machinery: loader, bulldozer, excavator bucket plate, side edge plate, bucket bottom plate, blade, rotary drilling rig drill pipe.

8) Metallurgical machinery: iron ore sintering machine, conveying elbow, iron ore sintering machine lining, scraper lining. Because such machinery requires high temperature resistant and extremely hard wear plates.

Comprehensive description: Wear-resistant plates are widely used in mining machinery, coal mining and transportation, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, building materials, electrical machinery, railway transportation and other departments. For example, steel balls, lining plates of ball mills, bucket teeth and buckets of excavators, rolling mortar walls, tooth plates and hammer heads of various crushers, track shoes of tractors and tanks, strike plates of fan mills, railway ruts Forks, middle groove-in-plates, grooves, circular chains for scraper conveyors in coal mines, blades and teeth for bulldozers, linings for large electric wheel truck buckets, roller cone bits for perforating oil and opencast iron ore, etc. industry





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