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Temporary Construction Site Equipment Lawn Pads Road Mats


Compression subgrade ground protection mats has good wear resistance, environmental protection, anti-static, cushioning, high wear resistance, moisture resistance, corrosion resistance, easy processing, shock absorption, no noise, economical, non-deformation, impact resistance, self-lubricating , Product advantages: recyclable, cost saving, easy to carry in weight.

Compression-resistant subgrade paving pads ground protection mats can improve the working environment and improve working efficiency. From the perspective of landscaping, the use of pressure-resistant subgrade paving pads ground mats has changed the previous operation mode of working while driving, and now we can put all our energy into the operation. Not only can it improve the messy condition of the reservoir area, but it can also be paved on the road to bear the pressure of passing vehicles, so as not to damage the road.

1. Flexible, fast, and easy to move. The subgrade paving pad ground mats can be moved at will with the hoisting machine. After the local construction is completed, the hoisting machine will be hoisted to another place to continue the construction.

2. Regarding the short-term construction cost of less than 6 months, the construction cost is greatly reduced, such as building temporary access roads, hardening the roads, and abolishing the roads after completion, causing pollution.

3. With strong pressure bearing capacity, it is an indispensable partner for heavy construction equipment.

For the cleaning of earth-moving vehicles, the city has strict management on the pollution caused by the construction site earthwork to the municipal roads. Multiple departments such as the muck management department and urban management supervise the cleaning of earth-moving vehicles for a long time before leaving the construction site. On the construction site, the efficiency of earth-moving vehicles is low. After paving the subgrade, the earth-moving vehicles are cleaned quickly and the efficiency is greatly improved.

Application areas of ground protection mats:

●Construction site Civil engineering and foundation work

●Pedestrian bridge

●Emergency channel

●Temporary roads and parking lots

●Maintenance of public spaces and infrastructure

● Landscaping and conservation of heritage or ecological reserves

●Maintenance of golf courses and sports fields

●Sports and leisure activities

●Drilling engineering

●Oil drilling industry





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