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Manufacturer-customized lining of screw conveyor UPE polymer lining board is made of polyethylene with molecular weight above 300W, which is widely used in food machinery processing, coal bunker lining, chute lining conveyor lining, etc. All kinds of wear-resistant non-stick special-shaped parts can be made of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene.

UHMW-PE sheet is used as the inner lining, and its own lubricity and non-adhesion are used to reduce the friction coefficient and solve the phenomenon of bonding and silo blocking, thereby reducing the crushing rate of silo materials, saving the cost of clearance, and shortening the loading time. Reduce the intensity of workers, thereby improving economic and social benefits.

UHMWPE Liner is mainly used in thermal power plants, steel mills, sintering plants, coking plants, coal mines and other industrial coal storage bins and various silos, funnels, chutes as linings.

The use of UHMWPE board as the inner lining can completely solve the problems of bonding, bridging and breaking of materials during the feeding process in the warehouse. It can improve the utilization rate of the silo, and it is suitable for various raw coal bunkers, lower coal hoppers, ground coal trenches, mixing silos, pulverized coal silos, sticky silos, chute mine cars and heavy-duty cargo box linings, and high-speed mixers. Wear-resistant lining plate, wear-resistant impeller of flotation machine and lining plate of mixer, as well as boiler silo, coal ditch, etc.

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