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Outrigger Pads are often required for large machinery operations such as pump trucks, cranes, and cranes. What is the main function of the outrigger pads?

1. It can disperse the pressure of the outriggers.

2. Protect the roadbed and pavement.

What materials are the outrigger pads made of?

1. Wooden backing board. The advantages are easy to carry and low cost. The disadvantage is that the compressive ability is poor, it is easy to break, it is not recyclable, and the utilization rate is low.

2. Steel backing plate. The advantage is that it has strong compressive ability, does not break, does not corrode, and can be recycled. The disadvantage is that the price is high, the weight is heavy, and it is not easy to carry.

Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has strong performance and ultra-high wear resistance; strong bearing capacity, its weighing capacity is 10 times that of nylon and 20 times that of polyvinyl chloride, so the polyethylene sheet can achieve continuous bending and resistance to Good corrosion. Polyethylene has high chemical stability and is stable under the action of organic solvents in various corrosive media such as certain temperature and certain acid and alkali. Good anti-aging, can be used underground or above ground.

The outrigger pad can effectively disperse the weight of the construction machinery itself and the lifting weight to the area of the outrigger pad, and the construction machinery is safe to work on the ground.

Therefore, when choosing an outrigger pad, you must choose a high-molecular polyethylene board. Compared with traditional steel plates, nylon boards, and wooden boards, the compression resistance is better, the wear resistance and mechanical strength are high, the toughness and resilience are good, and the insulation is anti-aging. Strong impact resistance, light to carry and longer service life.










High quality outrigger pads application :

  • Self erecting tower cranes / Crawler cranes,

  • Aerial work platforms,

  • Truck mounted cranes,

  • Mobile crushing equipment,

  • Cherry pickers/boom lifts,

  • Fire and utilities trucks,

  • Knuckle boom crane installers,

  • Vehicle mounted platforms ,

  • Concrete pumps





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