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Characteristics of UHMW Ploymer Lining Sheet / UPE Liner:

Extremely high impact strength

Excellent wear and abrasion resistance

Optimal sliding properties

Dimensional stability

Energy absorption capacity at high loading rates

Resistance against fatigue

Water repellent

Good chemical resistance

Excellent electrical and dielectric properties

Physiologically harmless

Application of UHMW Ploymer Lining Sheet / UPE Liner:

It is suitable in mine exploitation, power plant, storage and transportation equipments, cement industry

and chemical metallurgy industry etc, and filler spout, liners of all iron wagon and auto dumpers

containing bulk material.

Store/bucket interior lining,port machinery, mining machinery, building machinery,chute, and hopper

as following,

 Mixing silo UHMW-PE liner

 Steel factory silo UHMW-PE liner

 UHMW-PE bunker liner

 UHMW-PE chute liner

 UHMWPE chute bin liner

 Discharge hopper liner

 Surge Bin Liners

 Transfer Chute Liners

 Conveyor Skirting

 Belt Scrapers

 Off-Road Truck Bed Liners

 Duct Collector Hopper Liners

 Cement mill UHMWPE liner plate

 Mineral Machine UHMWPE liner plate

 Conveyor belt UHMWPE liner plate

 Mineral truck UHMWPE liner plate

 UHMW PE for coal bin liner

 UHMW-PE liner for chutes and hoppers

 UHMW-PE lining board for bunker

 UHMWPE sheet for chute lining

 UHMWPE Liner used on Beer machinery

tivar liner





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