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Ultra-polymer chain guide features:

1. Small wear and tear.

2. Low frictional resistance.

3. Self-lubricating.

4. Has impact resistance.

5. Operating temperature range -169~+90℃.

6. It has a shock absorption effect.

7. It is not easy to get wet in a humid environment.

8. Has high chemical resistance.

9. Corrosion resistance.

UHMWPE guide rail application industry:

It can be widely used in long-term maintenance-free work parts, and can be used in office equipment, textile machinery, pneumatic components, fitness equipment, printing and dyeing machinery, tobacco machinery, micro-motors, automobiles, agricultural and forestry machinery, cement grouting pumps, screw conveyors, port machinery , Marine industry corrosion-resistant sliding parts, etc. Especially suitable for product packaging, canning and conveying machines, food packaging machines as accessories, its super wear resistance and long service life.





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