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Product name: Outrigger pads pump truck outrigger pads

Product Specifications: Products other than stocking, can be customized

Product material: modified PE/UPE plastic

Stocking details: 450*450  500*500  550*550  600*600

Bearing range: 4 tons - 300 tons

Product features: Using polyethylene raw materials, imported additives use independent formulas for comprehensive modification. High toughness, high strength, single-piece pressure 40T does not break, good resilience after repeated use.

Product advantages: Compared with traditional metal outrigger pads, PE polyethylene outrigger pads are lighter in weight, and at the same time, they are resistant to chemical corrosion and have good stability. Construction machinery provides more stable support. The outrigger pads produced by our company are of good quality and excellent prices.

Advantages of crane outrigger pads:

- work in sub-zero temperatures

-Easy to install, replace

- Reduce downtime.

- Reduce maintenance costs.



- Cost effective compared to steel or aluminium

- Compared with other wooden mats, it is safer to use in the field.





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