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UHMWPE Marine Fender Strips / Fender Blocks are equipped with steel frontal panels and marine rubber fenders to protect ships. UHWM PE face pads are made into ultra high molecular weight polyethylene, with high strength, good flexibility and water resistance.

Port UHMWPE wharf fenders (port anti-collision boards) have the following characteristics:

1. High impact strength, especially low temperature impact strength.

2. Strong wear resistance, marina fender, its wear resistance is 5 times that of nylon 66 and PTFE, and 7 times that of carbon steel.

3. The friction coefficient is small, only 0.07-0.11, and has good self-lubrication.

4. Good non-adhesion, easy to clean the surface adhesion.

5. The chemical properties are stable, and most inorganic and organic acids, alkalis and salts are not corrosive to UHMWPE.

6. Excellent aging resistance, under natural light, its aging life is more than 50 years.

7. Completely hygienic, suitable for food and industries that require high hygiene conditions.

8. Low density and light weight. Easy to carry and install.

UHMWPE Marine Fender Strips / Fender Blocks data sheet :

ItemTest methodUnitUHMWPE 1000-VUHMWPE 1000-DS
Yield StrengthASTM D-638N/mm215-2215-22
Breaking ElongationISO527%undefined200%undefined100%
Impact strengthISO179Kj/m2130-17090-130
Shore HardnessISO 868Shore D63-6463-67
Friction Coefficient(Static state)ASTM D-1894Unitlessundefined0.2undefined0.2
Operating temperature--80 to +80-80 to +80





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