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The material of the self-lubricating plate of the car scooter car lining plate is made of polyethylene plastic. The surface of the plate is smooth and the self-lubricating performance is very good. The installation of the carriage skateboard solves this problem, and the installation method of the carriage lining is also very simple. Why not sticky? This is because the high molecular weight polyethylene sheet has a particularly low water absorption rate, only 1% of that of steel. The material will not stick to it even if the humidity is high.

Car lining board PE car floor is wear-resistant. The abrasion resistance of polyethylene car lining is one-fifth that of steel plate. Quickly change the idea of plastic materials that are not wear-resistant.

Car lining board PE car floor is corrosion resistant. Polyethylene compartment lining is a high molecular organic material, which has strong resistance to acid and alkali.

Car HDPE liner  is impact resistant. The polyethylene compartment liner has a large molecular weight and tight chemical bonds. Therefore, it has strong impact resistance and will not break.





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