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UHMWPE Processing Parts / Polyethylene Guide Blocks


Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) has excellent performance due to its extremely high molecular weight, and is a thermoplastic engineering plastic with moderate price and excellent performance. It almost concentrates the advantages of various plastics and is unmatched by ordinary polyethylene and other engineering plastics It has comprehensive properties such as wear resistance, impact resistance, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, impact energy absorption, low temperature resistance, hygiene and non-toxicity, not easy to adhere, not easy to absorb water, and low density.


transport machinery

Guide rail, conveyor belt, slider seat of conveyor device, fixed plate, timing star wheel of assembly line

Food Machinery

Star wheel, bottle feed counting screw, filler bearing, bottle grabber parts, gasket guide pin, cylinder, gear, roller, sprocket handle

paper machinery

Suction box cover, deflector, scraper, bearing, vane, filter, oil reservoir, wear strip, felt cleaner

Textile machinery

Open frame, shock absorber baffle, connector, crankshaft connecting rod, shuttle rod, pattern sweeping needle, offset rod bearing, swinging rear beam

construction machinery agriculture

The bulldozer pushes the material into the material, the inner material of the dump truck, the inner lining of the tractor pear knife

chemical machinery

Valve body, pump body, gasket, filter, gear, nut, sealing ring, nozzle, cock, bushing, bellows

port machinery ships

Ship parts, side rollers for bridge cranes, wear-resistant blocks and other spare parts

General machinery

Various gears, bearing bushes, bushings, sliding plates, clutches, guide bodies, brakes, hinges, elastic couplings, rollers, rollers, fasteners, sliding parts of lifting platforms

Stain modification

Dyeing machine bearings, scrapers, sliding plates, gaskets, seals, tenter guides


Snow dipping liners, power sleds, ice rink decking, ice rink protection racks

medical supplies

Rectangular outer material parts, artificial joints, prostheses, etc.


Refrigeration machinery, shielding plates for nuclear power plants, electroplating parts, ultra-low temperature machinery parts








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